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We know that your business is different, ours is too, and it’s recognizing that every business is unique and requires tailored services that makes us the best at what we do.
To offer the right services, we need to know all the details of your business, not just the facts and figures. Your ambitions, your worries and who the competition is. We’ll make those our own and by tapping into that unique insight into your skills, environment and vision, we’ll work with you to build your business to its full potential.

Customer Reviews

What our client say

When Xero signed up with Accurox, Naveed and his team persuaded us to try out Xero to manage our finances. We’re a family business and we’d never used any kind of digital accounting software before and we didn’t think we needed to.  We were so wrong.  It took us a while to change our habits, but we have never looked back.  I use Xero to cost up jobs quickly on the spot to give an immediate quote to new clients, as a result we are winning more jobs than we were before.  At the same time, we use it to issue invoices quickly and get paid faster, simple as that.  And Naveed and his team are really helpful and friendly. 

Webbs Networking Workings

Accurox have really helped us to streamline our business.  At [Business Name] we work across several projects at a time and we were getting into a muddle about receipts and expenses for materials bought ad hoc on the jobs.  We were losing track and couldn’t get a handle on the profit and loss on individual jobs.  When we brought our accounts to them, they immediately advised us to try to go paperless or reduce it as much as possible.  They supported us with accounting apps that mean the business has better control over how money is spent on the job through company credit cards and all receipts are captured digitally straight away.  It just means taking a photograph of it on the spot and entering it into the phone app, it’s easy and we don’t lose receipts anymore.  We’ve saved a lot of money, but we were really surprised by the time saving.  No more sorting through piles of greasy receipts on a Sunday.  Cheers!

Kemsley Construction ltd

I was seriously considering packing my business in before I came to Accurox.  It was always feast or famine and we were constantly finding it hard to meet our small payroll or get in the resources we needed.  Naveed got his team to work with me on our cashflow forecasting and after a few months I really started to see the difference.  Now I can see more clearly where the cash ebbs and flows and plan around that to meet the monthly needs.  The cloud accounting has also meant that we get paid faster and that obviously helps the cashflow too! I would happily recommend Accurox to anyone who wants help taking control of their business.

HRP Recruitment Services Ltd

Accurox have been great helping [Business Name] get to grips with CIS.  We’d never felt confident that we were doing the right thing as it’s an extremely complicated system and it always felt like a huge responsibility.  Naveed was able to explain the whole thing to us and get us sorted out for once and for all.  We feel confident now that we are doing it the right way and doing the right thing by our subbies.  It’s a huge relief and we can’t thank Naveed and the team at Accurox enough.  If you’re looking for an accountant that understands CIS and construction businesses, Accurox is the best one out there!

HRP Total Solutions Kent Ltd