We are experienced in all aspects of property-related companies

We are a forward-focused accounting and business services group that supports all aspects of running a company in the property development field.

From vanilla accounting services and bookkeeping, we take a more active role and closely monitor profitability and its causes. We are here to do the work for you when you are busy. Why skill up when you can hire people who do it more quickly?

Business advice on recruitment and marketing helps the wheels go round and make us a true partner to your business – with financial smarts at your fingertips.

Just some of the types of companies we are used to working with

As previous owners of construction and property-related businesses, we understand the types of companies we are dealing with. We are building a thriving community of construction people. Let us work together and make a future for the times ahead.

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Why Accurox?

  • KPI Dashboards
    Our clients span from building companies in the residential and commercial sectors, subcontractors, mid to large construction companies and property developers. So, whatever your requirements, we have the experience to deliver the support you need to prosper.
  • Financial Forecasting
    The benefits of financial planning are many, offering the opportunity to take control of your financial situation and inform the best path to achieve your goals. Financial forecasting uses your past performance and current trends to predict your future company performance. Our forecasting tools assist you in reducing financial risk. For example, they will identify problems in your current trends, promote certainty and stability, and prepare for risks and opportunities in the future.
  • Growth Strategy
    You know that you need detailed plans to construct anything worthwhile. Equally, if you want to grow your business, you need a road map to get there. Growth strategies vary widely. You may want to expand your client base, add to your services or diversify into new areas. Whatever your vision is, we will work with you to tailor a strategy that works for your business. Moreover, by helping you refine your objectives, we can devise strategies and tactics to help you reach each one. Drawing on the work we will have done on your financial forecasting and KPIs, we work with you to construct a clear picture of your strengths and flag areas of risk.
  • Cash Flow
    Cash flow planning is essential for any business. Construction companies, particularly, are subject to so many variables. Any of which could result in a cash crisis putting them at risk. Creating cash flow forecasts, setting targets and monitoring carefully against them, will help you to predict large outflows of cash. Consequently, you are better positioned to respond to changes in your business. We can also streamline your invoicing and payment cycle. Meaning you have more of your cash at your disposal when you need it.
Accounting Services

Sole-Traders Accountant

We are here to keep you up to date, with a personal touch and some simple bookkeeping software. We are the people who do the work for you.

With VAT registration and management, filing is included, and we provide regular reminders of what we need from you if anything.

Bookkeeping Services

Sub Contractor Bookkeepers

One way to improve profitability is to have a bookkeeper who is experienced in working with contractor firms. A bookkeeper can help manage finances and provide accurate financial reports, allowing the company to understand its current financial position better. Bookkeepers also can provide oversight on billing, payroll, subcontractor payments and job costings.

Construction Bookkeepers
Outsource Finance Team

Outsource your finance department, and focus on what you do best.

Every business should consider outsourcing its bookkeeping finance and accounts to service. Accounting is not a core business skill for construction, contractor and trade companies, and so becoming an expert at it might be tricky. It’s hard to hire people to help you do a job that isn’t part of your expertise; how do you know if it’s going well?

Services we provide for contractors:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Outsourced payroll and CIS
  • Accounting services
  • Personal and business tax returns
  • Finance Director services, part-time roles

Services we provide for sub-contractors:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Xero cloud bookkeeping software
  • Tax planning services
  • Company secretarial
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Interested in what Accurox Accountants & Business Advisors can provide?

Outsource Finance Team
Finance Director Services

Borrow our construction company accountants to help steer your finances.

We save you time because we understand the construction and trades industry. Our experience serving many construction companies will help us make the right decisions.

Listed below is why Accurox is the best choice for Funding your Business

Finance Director services

Lean on our experience in the sector, for as long as you need to

Experienced in the sector

We know the environment you work in, and what you need to claim

Standard process

No reinventing the wheel with non-standard ways of doing

Decision-making support

Knowing you need to make decisions earlier will help.

World view

We keep our head up to conditions that might affect profitability

This is our full-time job

Consistency for success and productivity.

Outsourced Payroll Options

CIS Payroll Scheme

In the past, the construction industry suffered from cIt has evolved over the years into its current form.

CIS covers both contractors and sub-contractors. Whichever you are, it is vital that you are familiar with your obligations under the scheme. (If you’re unsure if you are a contractor or subcontractor, look at When does CIS apply in the Construction industry?)

Contractor or Subcontractor

Help with rules and payments through the Construction Industry Scheme,

Work covered by CIS

Most construction work, civil engineering for permanent or temporary structures.

Tax and Deductions

Our payroll software supports the whole journey when calculating payments and statements.

Interested in learning more about CIS Payroll Scheme?

CIS Payroll Scheme
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