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Xero for Construction Companies

Xero accounting software can boost the productivity and profits of construction companies. Whatever the size of your construction business, Xero has a solution to fit your needs.

What Can Xero Deliver You

Xero’s accounting software will help you to keep on top of your day-to-day finances, giving you an instant picture of your accounts, any time of the day.  You may think that you don’t want to think about your accounts unless you must! However, utilising the many features Xero offers, will actually result in increased productivity, profit and confidence about your business.  Here’s how:

Manage your Customer Service

  • Xero’s mobile app means you can keep on top of your finances wherever you are, on site, on the beach or working from home
  • Create estimates and quotes on the spot. With Xero you can do this when you are with a customer, rather than days later when you finally find some admin time.  In addition, you’ll also be able to make updates, attach forms, and once everything is agreed, convert them into invoices without having to replicate your work.
  • Generate bills and invoices directly from the app to your customer, complete with your branding and logo if you choose to add them.
  • Automate follow up on your unpaid invoices, so you don’t have to find the time to think about it. 

Manage your Obligations

  • Manage your expenses at the touch of a button and bin the unnecessary paperwork
  • The Xero CIS feature enables you to automate collecting subcontractor’s taxes, keeping you out of trouble with HMRC.  Contractors can email their invoices directly into your Xero account, and you can set up batch payments to HMRC to make things easier
  • Xero will compile your VAT returns automatically, and can manage the complications of zero and standard rate without fuss, all you must do is approve your returns and send

Manage your Business

  • Xero allows your accountant to see your finances in real time too, so they can do more to keep you on track
  • Project codes make it easier to keep track of individual projects.
  • Efficiently tracking job costs means you have a better understanding of your pricing and whether it’s working
  • The purchase order features make generating orders easy and transparent

Believe it or not, there are even more advantages for construction businesses using Xero.  At Accurox, Xero is our software of choice. We can help you get set up quickly and advise you on the best ways to use it to advantage.

If you like to know more or discuss your situation, just get in touch.

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