We offer a number of accounting solutions to assist you as a sole trader

As a Sole Trader, you agree to accept personal risk, that means it’s really important to make sure you are doing everything correctly and meeting your obligations. That is where Accurox can step in.  We understand all the ins and outs that Sole Traders are faced with, and we can support you in every area, including:

  • Setting up your business, and registering with HMRC, so you don’t incur any fines.
  • Transitioning you to timesaving accounting software, Xero, and showing you how to use it cleverly
  • Provide the accurate bookkeeping you will need to submit your tax return.  If you’re not into the “details”, then it’s definitely something you should outsource to your accountant.
  • Helping you get to grips with payment on account, meaning you don’t get caught out with unexpected bills.
  • Supporting you to grow your business through cashflow management, budgets, business plans, and applying for funding.  Not to mention the little things, like providing you with references for mortgages, which can be a little more complicated when you work for yourself.

But that’s not all…

  • Once you earn over £85,000 per year, Sole Traders are required to register for VAT. Accurox can do this for you, or advise you if you should consider registering early, as sometimes this makes more sense. We can also manage your quarterly submissions. All you will have to do is approve them.
  • We can also register you with the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) if you are working within the construction industry as a contractor or sub-contractor and make sure you stay compliant

No business stands still, Accurox is a proactive accountant that supports Sole Traders to grow, develop and exit their businesses. For instance, we can.

  • Offer advice on the right time to transition to a limited company if we see this will save you tax
  • Provide proactive tax planning, so you can prepare for the high points and the low points in your business cycle, no more boom or bust.
  • Advise you on planning for your retirement or exiting your business when the time is right.

What makes us different?

When your business grows, we develop around you with a range of services you might need.

Changing suppliers is not something you want to be doing too often. We worked hard to be a single point of contact for everything you might need, and by sharing our resources across multiple companies, we make it cost-effective for you to get some more business and finance skills around you.

There is a big difference between people who do the work for you and those who mainly count things afterwards.

This value is what makes us different.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we can help you, call us today on 01634 940710

Why Accurox?

  • KPI Dashboards
    Our clients span from building companies in the residential and commercial sectors, subcontractors, mid to large construction companies and property developers. So, whatever your requirements, we have the experience to deliver the support you need to prosper.
  • Financial Forecasting
    The benefits of financial planning are many, offering the opportunity to take control of your financial situation and inform the best path to achieve your goals. Financial forecasting uses your past performance, combined with current trends to predict your future company performance. Our forecasting tools assist you to reduce financial risk. For example they will identify problems in your current trends, promote certainty and stability, and prepare for risks and opportunities in the future.
  • Growth Strategy
    You know that you need detailed plans to construct anything worthwhile. Equally, if you want to grow your business, you need a road-map to get there. Growth strategies vary widely. You may want to expand your client base, add to your services or diversify into new areas. Whatever your vision is, we will work with you to tailor a strategy that works for your business. Moreover, by helping you to refine your objectives, we can devise strategies and tactics that will help you to reach each one. Drawing on the work we will have done on your financial forecasting and KPIs, we work with you to construct a clear picture of your strengths and flag areas of risk.
  • Cash Flow
    Cash flow planning is essential for any business. Construction companies, particularly, are subject to so many variables. Any of which could result in a cash crisis putting them at risk. Creating a cash flow forecast, setting targets and monitoring carefully against them, will help you to predict large outflows of cash. Consequently, you are better positioned to respond to changes in your business. We can also streamline your invoicing and payment cycle. Meaning you have more of your cash at your disposal when you need it.
Supporting Your Business

Benefits of an innovative accountant for your sole trader business

We care about your financial success, it’s enlightened self-interest

Interested in learning more about Accurox?

Accurox | Construction and Trades Accountant

“Accurox have been great in helping Kent Site Consultants get to grips with CIS. We’d never felt confident that we were doing the right thing as it’s an extremely complicated system and it always felt like a huge responsibility. Naveed was able to explain the whole thing to us and get us sorted out for once and for all. We feel confident now that we are doing it the right way and doing the right thing by our subbies. It’s a huge relief and we can’t thank Naveed and the team at Accurox enough. If you’re looking for an accountant that understands CIS and construction businesses, Accurox is the best one out there!”

Keith Fraser
Kent Fire Consultants

Meet the Team

Naveed has a passion for helping small business owners. He has worked with them all his life and has a unique insight into their challenges. He thrives on helping businesses overcome mental barriers to achieve high levels of success. Using the following 5 values:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Embrace Innovation
  • Collaborate
  • Be proactive
  • Continuously work to improve

Naveed has applied these values to his own business. He always says he talked himself out of his last job! When he realised that if wanted to achieve his true earning potential then he would have to set up his own business. However, he is the first to admit that the reality came as a shock. To summarise, he learnt that as well as being an excellent accountant, running his own business meant he had to learn to sell, collect a payment and pay the suppliers. Furthermore, he also had to deliver a first-class service to his clients! Consequently, Naveed knows the challenges any business owner faces.

Accurox | Construction and Trades Accountant

Naveed Mughal

Founder of Accurox

Qualified Accountant and holds a Master’s degree from Cardiff University.

Established his own accounting practice in 2018 and has an office in the UK, Dubai and Pakistan. Enjoys travelling, football and cricket in his spare time. Volunteers for an International Disaster Relief Charity.

Listed as one of the “top 10 UK Digital Accountants” in 2020.

Brendan Roodt

Legal Counsel

A lawyer specialising in corporate finance and major commercial projects for clients who are mainly owner managed. He is a trouble-shooter, identifying and solving legal and business. challenges. He has been legal counsel on buyer- and seller-side accountancy practice deals and has worked on buyer- and seller-side deals for an aggregator in a related professional services sector.

Kevin Ronaldson


Kevin is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with a track record of building significant value from new and current businesses. He established Intrinsic Financial Services and Bell Penny, pursuing a similar strategy to Accurox but in the IFA sector, he raised over £25m and grew the businesses to over 300 employees over a three-year period with an annual turnover of over £100m and funds under management of over £3bn.

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