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40 Ways you can improve your cashflow

Healthy cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, you may find yourself compromised when you need to invest in your resources and materials for your business. Securing it is not as difficult as it might appear. In fact, we’ve got 40 ways you can improve the flow of cash through your business in our guide. From using cloud accounting software like Xero to cleverly managing your invoicing, there’s bound to be something you are not doing, yet

12 Steps to Financial Success

Financial success that isn’t planned for, won’t happen.  You wouldn’t employ somebody who didn’t have the skills needed to do the job at hand. Yet, many business owners don’t take the financial side of their business seriously enough.  Our guide will help you to focus on the systems and processes that you need to improve and retain profits.

5 Reasons Your Construction Business is Losing Money

Accurox have worked with construction companies of all sizes for many years. We’ve seen all the ups and downs, some of which are unique to the industry, while some are common across every business. When a construction business is losing money, the cause is often one or more of the following reasons.

How to make your Construction Company more productive and more profitable

When you are looking for ways to make your construction company more profitable, it’s easy to miss the woods for the trees. Improving profit in your construction business can seem like an uphill battle.  Too often contracts are simply awarded to the lowest quote. The effect of the coronavirus has compounded the issue. Nevertheless, there are still areas where you can improve the running of your business and make a difference that should see an increase in your profits

Cashflow management and how it can benefit your business

Cashflow management and forecasting is simply the most important tool you can use to gauge the health of your business. Enabling you to plan for both sustainable growth and resilience in adversity. From Accurox’s specialised team of Construction accountants, we give you reasons why cashflow forecasting and management can help you grow your business.

Why You Should Use Xero for Your Construction Business

We’ve got years of experience, not just with accounts and accounting software, but also of the construction industry.  We know a thing or two about this, so if you want to know why we think Xero is the best cloud accounting software and what you can expect it to do for your business, then read on.

Solve Your Construction Business’s Cashflow Problems

Every successful construction business is based on a healthy cash flow. But sometimes, things happen that can threaten the health of your finance. In this article are steps that owners can take to ensure that your company can keep cashflow moving and build in resilience to the inevitable disruptions. 

Solving cashflow in construction business