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Autumn Budget 2021

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Autumn Budget 2021 Autumn Business Update for UK small business owners Small business owners hopes for some crumbs of comfort from the chancellor in his budget and autumn statement were dashed. The triple hit on small businesses coming from April 2022 is still very much happening.  What was in the Autumn Budget? Hit 1: Corporation…
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4 Steps to Start Improving your Cash Flow

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Simple 4 step process: Understand your Pricing Improve your process Hire the right people Identify your positioning Understand your pricing: In an industry which is rapidly changing pricing is always a sticking point. Good news is that you don’t have to work on the price you are not comfortable with. Most businesses don’t pay attention…
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Solving cashflow in construction business

Solve Your Construction Business’s Cashflow Problems

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Solve Your Construction Business’s Cashflow Problems Every successful construction business is based on a healthy cash flow.  It’s the lifeline that enables companies to keep moving forward in this fast-moving sector.  Ensuring construction companies can adapt to changing circumstances and buy materials, pay salaries, start new projects, and cover overheads is dependent on good cashflow….
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Funding for small business

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Finding the right funding for your small business requires some thought. When is the best time, how much should you seek and planning for the most effective use are all factors. Related Reading from Accurox Financing Cashflow Management
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Fifth SEISS Grant

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The Fifth and Last SEISS Grant is Available Now The fifth and last SEISS (Self-Employment Income Support Scheme) grant is available to claim now. This grant covers the period between May 2021 and September 2021. To be eligible you must meet the following criteria: 1 Must be self employed or a member of a partnership….

Coronavirus Furlough Scheme Wraps Up

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Coronavirus Furlough Scheme Wraps Up The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (commonly know as furlough) is drawing to an end and will finish in October 2021. The final 3 months sees a change to the contributions from the government and employers. What changes? As the scheme is phased out, the government reduces the amount it contributes…
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